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How we live has changed since the days when many of our homes were designed and built. We have new requirements for home offices, an increase in the number of appliances and technology in our homes and new ways of entertaining and relaxing. Our modern luxuries need a different type of space than our homes were designed for but luckily there are lots of beautiful ways we can all add a touch of modern luxury to our homes. In Part 1, we explore the Tea and Coffee Station, The Dedicated Dressing Room & The Drinks Cabinet.


There is nothing quite like starting your morning with your favourite cup of coffee and with advances in technology and the availability of high-quality equipment we can all have that great barista experience at home every day. But making a great cup of coffee can come with a surprising amount of equipment. Coffee grinders, espresso machines, fresh coffee beans, cups, saucers, and all the added extras, take up a surprising amount of storage space.


Image Athena Calderone / Eye Swoon


Rather than hiding all this paraphernalia away in cupboards, why not create a dedicated space that fits all your favourite equipment, including your cups and saucers, whilst looking beautiful too? You can either choose to have a custom cupboard made or fitted into your kitchen or have it all on display in a cabinet made to fit your requirements and equipment perfectly.



 Image: Paul Massey via Living Etc


There is little quite as satisfying as a well-designed dressing room. Rows of beautiful shoes, clothes and jewellery lined up neatly and all available to view. A bonus is that it frees up clutter and space in your bedroom ensuring you can design your bedroom for rest and relaxation whilst moving all the dressing clutter to a different room. This makes choosing your outfit for the day much easier and less stressful – a wonderful start to any day.

The design of your dressing room can reflect the beauty of your home and be personalised to your tastes too. Before you start the designing process ensure you make a note of everything you need to fit into the room and what you want the room to do. Do you want it to just house your clothing and shoes, or do you want to include spaces to do your hair and makeup too?

Your dressing room should reflect your personal style and needs but the most important aspect is the right shelving, cabinets and fitted furniture that caters to your needs and looks beautiful too.



Entertaining at home rather than going out is experiencing a revival in recent years. More of us choosing to host dinner parties and friends at home and this includes being able to offer a variety of drinks. The tricky part is then knowing where to store your drinks and glasses so that you can provide for your guests without cluttering up the room with bottles and glasses.


Image Flack Studio


A drinks cabinet is the answer to this. Not only does it make this easier but a well-made and beautifully designed cabinet is a great talking point in any room.

Add a touch of luxury, functionality, and style to your parties with having your own drinks cabinet made. These practical pieces of furniture can be beautifully made, from fabulous materials and customised to your requirements.  Your drinks cabinet can be a standalone piece of furniture that can fit perfectly into whichever room is your favourite entertaining room, whether that’s the kitchen, dining room, drawing room or snug. Or, you can choose to have your drinks cabinet fitted into your existing kitchen or built into any corner or alcove available in your entertaining room.


Every home needs a touch of luxury and modern convenience and with the right mix of technology, design and craftmanship it’s easier to achieve than you think. You can add those luxuries and even the equipment and technology you need and keep your home beautifully designed and sympathetic to its original style. All it takes is clever furniture and storage choices.



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