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Our modern luxuries need a different type of space than our homes were designed for but luckily there are lots of beautiful ways we can all add a touch of modern luxury to our homes. In Part 2 we explore The 'Dirty Kitchen', The Home Cinema, The Beautiful Home Gym and The Home Office. 


The kitchen has truly started to become the heart of any home. Not only is it the space in which the family gathers, but increasingly the kitchen is used for guests and spending time together too. There is one problem with this – it’s difficult to entertain, work, and play in a room where there are dirty dishes from cooking piled up in the corner. Not to mention the distracting smells and sounds that come with an active and working kitchen. Wouldn’t it be great if you had some extra kitchen space in which all of this work and mess could stay?

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This is why some people are choosing to not only expand their kitchen space but have an entirely new kitchen fitted as a ‘dirty kitchen’. The idea is that the mess and smells from cooking are done in a back kitchen or scullery kitchen leaving your beautiful main kitchen free to use as an entertaining and sociable space to show off to your guests.



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Television and movies are a huge part of modern life. It's key to how we relax, keep up to date with the world and even how we spend time with our friends and families. But, televisions, speakers and the equipment that goes with it can be a bit of an eye sore in a room when they are not in use.

During those times when you want to turn your usual television room into a space suitable for entertaining guests or being social with your family, you could choose to hide your television away. It’s much easier to achieve than you think! With a great joiner and cabinet maker you could have beautiful bespoke cabinets made or have panels built into the room that can easily slide across or close to create a stunning false wall that hides distracting modern equipment away.



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During the pandemic many of us started to exercise at home. This is a trend set to continue due to the benefits of home exercise. Being able to fit in your exercise regime into your life, without needing to travel to the gym, is a great time saver.

The type of home gym you need, depends on the type of exercise you do. But whatever your chosen equipment and exercise type, you can also make the room beautiful too. Fitted cabinets and cupboards can easily store away most free-standing exercise equipment. You could even have spaces made to fit in larger pieces of gym equipment. Add in wall to ceiling mirrors, lighting and a great sound system and you can still have that ‘at the gym’ feel, all from the comfort of your own home.


Working from home is a part of modern life that wasn’t factored in when our homes were first designed. But, with more of us choosing to either work full or part time at home, having a good space in which to work and be productive is increasingly important.


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Technology and how we work has changed and our home offices need to be able to reflect this. Computers, phones, multiple monitors, printers and more all need to fit into an office whilst maintaining a professional feel. This is especially important now that work meetings are held over zoom and webcams rather than in person! You don’t need to just factor in your desk and the practicalities, you need to consider the walls and décor behind you so that it reflects your professional image at work.

Choose your furniture to fit your needs and the equipment you need, but don’t forget your style too. A desk does need to be functional, but there is no reason it can’t be beautiful too. The same applies to the rest of your room. Fitted cupboards and crafted furniture and décor add to the functionality and beauty of the room. Just don’t forget your zoom call background too! Do you want a bookcase or shelving unit full of your favourite decorative items?  Or you may want to keep it simple with beautiful home décor and artwork. It’s important to choose a background that reflects your personality, your style, and the image you want to create.

Every home needs a touch of luxury and modern convenience and with the right mix of technology, design and craftmanship it’s easier to achieve than you think. You can add those luxuries and even the equipment and technology you need and keep your home beautifully designed and sympathetic to its original style. All it takes is clever furniture and storage choices.



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